• Pray that Benjamin Netanyahu leads as God wants him to lead.
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  • Pray for the leaders of Israel that they do the will of God.
  • Pray that no weapon formed against Israel prospers and every tongue that rises against it will be silenced in Jesus’ name
  • Pray for the protection of Benjamin Netanyahu and his cavalcade and that no weapon formed against them will prosper.
  • Pray for the protection of the IDF soldiers around the borders of Israel and the police inside the walls of Jerusalem.
  • Declare Israel is a Christian country.
  • Pray for the pro-life organisations and spokespeople in Israel for boldness to communicate their message of life.
  • Pray for safe return and funds opening up for Jewish people wanting to make Aliyah.
  • Pray for favour on the believer’s in Israel, especially on businesses.
  • Pray for the softening of the Religious Jews hearts towards the Messianic Jews.
  • Pray that the Jewish people’s ears are opened to hearing the gospel.


  • Pray for the reelection of Donald Trump.
  • Declare Righteousness is restored to USA.
  • Declare Justice in the courts for the righteous.
  • Declare continued favour on this administration in relation to national prosperity and clear communications of same.
  • Pray for the leaders of the USA that they do the will of God.
  • Declare that USA is a Christian Country.
  • Declare that USA is a pro-life country whose laws protect the life of the unborn child.
  • Declare that Roe -v- Wade will be overturned in Donald Trumps second term in office.
  • Pray that Donald Trump will be the President in 2021 and pray for divine marketing/PR strategy and strength and wisdom for his team.
  • Pray that Donald Trump and Melania Trump will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will not celebrate or endorse Halloween this year.
  • Pray for his son who is liaising with peace deals in Israel that he only does God’s will.
  • Pray that the spirit of humanism is broken over the universities in USA
  • Pray that Believers all start to get behind Donald Trump and that their eyes and ears are opened by the Holy Spirit to realise that Donald Trump is the man the Lord has put in this position as President.
  • Pray that no weapon formed against the US embassy in Jerusalem prospers and pray for  continued good relationship with Israel and its leaders.
  • Pray that the spirit of Leviathan is bound over the American media and instead God’s truth is spoken, written and heard through the media and for those media outlets that are not telling the truth, that the Lord removes them out of operation.


  • Pray to break the spirit of Religion which is the main principality over Ireland.
  • Declare Ireland is a Christian country.
  • Pray for unity between the believers north and the south.
  • Pray the Lord calls forth his anointed ones to take their seats in the government and civil service in high positions and removes those not doing His will.
  • Pray for the leaders of Ireland that they do the will of God.
  • Declare Ireland is a pro-life country whose laws protect the life of the unborn child.
  • Declare the Esther decree of Reversal of the most recent change to the laws in Ireland to bring in Abortion.
  • Pray for Justice Warriors who will take a case to get the abortion bill reversed.  Pray for protection for them and their families.  Pray for divine wisdom, discernment, strategy and that the Holy Spirit guides them when choosing which angles and which part of the law to bring the case against.  Declare Favour for them on their court case to get the abortion bill blocked and stopped in Ireland.
  • Pray for journalists exposing high level corruption in the country – pray for her safety, wisdom, strategy and support and that she develops her own online TV channel.
  • Declare the next President of Ireland is a pro-life President who loves Israel and that all hindrances from that President coming into position are removed in Jesus’ name.
  • Pray that strategic alliances are made between Ireland and Israel and part against anti-semitism.
  • Pray the spirit of homosexuality/rejection is bound over our President’s Office, Dail, Seanad, Army, Civil Service, PSNI and over the Northern Irish Assembly.
  • Break and bind the power of Leviathan in our media.
  • Pray for a righteous police force in Ireland and that more whistleblowers will come forward to expose unrighteousness in all aspects of Irish society.
  • Pray the power of secret societies over the Irish Judiciary and Government and the media is broken in Jesus’ name.
  • Remove all unrighteous government members who are practising in the occult.
  • Bind your wisdom, your presence, your plans and your purposes to the Irish Government.
  • Send the Lighting power of God into the Irish Government and into every single member and destroy the works of darkness in them in Jesus’ name.
  • Pray that every hidden deal done behind the scenes that causes injustice in our courts and government will be halted and nullified by God’s power, let the enemies of God in Ireland be scattered.
  • Break the strongholds of idolatry, freemasonry, despair,  addiction, homosexuality, religion, rejection, rebelliousness, pride, greed, lust, unforgiveness, division, control and anti-Semitism over Ireland.
  • Declare the new sound being created by believer’s is released throughout the land.
  • Declare that the tabernacle of David is restored to Ireland.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit cleanses the land of Ireland this year.


  • Declare India is a Christian country
  • Pray that more believer’s hearts are stirred to go up to the unreached places of Northern India to evangelise
  • Pray for the leaders of India that they do the will of God.
  • Pray for those fighting against persecution of Christians in India
  • Pray for the Christians in India who are being persecuted, especially muslims who have been saved.
  • Pray for more of the army and the police in India to come to know the Lord
  • Break the power of new age, occult and false religions in India.
  • Pray that all those who are not yet believer’s that their ears are opened to hearing the gospel.


  • Declare China is a Christian country
  • Pray for the collapse of the communist party.
  • Pray that the top leaders in government and police will become believers
  • Pray for the Chinese believers who are being persecuted and that the Holy Spirit hovers over them and releases his peace onto them.
  • Pray that more of the Word of God is gotten into China and that no weapon formed against it getting into China will prosper
  • Pray that freedom of worship and sharing the gospel will be allowed in China
  • Pray for missionaries and evangelists to go to China to spread the gospel.


  • Declare Russia is a Christian country
  • Pray to break the spirit of religion over Russia.
  • Pray for unity among the believers
  • Pray for more of the five fold ministry to go into Russia and impact it
  • Pray for truth to be told in Russia and bind all deception of the enemy
  • Pray that the love and presence and peace of the Lord permeates on all the believers there.
  • Pray for freedom for believers to worship and to share the gospel
  • Bind all control, domination and manipulation of the enemy in the government and media in suppressing believers right to worship and share the gospel.
  • Pray that the hearts of those in governmental leadership are softened towards believers and hearing the gospel.
  • Pray for those who are persecuted for their faith.

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