Directions: Say this outloud from the heart. 

Do not read this if you do not mean it.  You cannot fool God. 

If you cannot speak, say it in your mind.  God will honour that.  


“Father in Jesus’ name please grant me the spirit of repentance. I want to live for you. 

I ask you to please forgive me of anything that I’ve done or said in my life that was against your will. 

I admit that I am a sinner and that I need you.  I now turn from my sins and I ask you to create in me a clean heart. 

Make me into the kind of person that you want me to be and help me to live for You.   

I want to walk in Your light and in your holy path of righteousness. 

Lord Jesus, I believe that you died on the cross for me, shed your blood for me and rose again on the third day for me as a living sacrifice to save me and cleanse me of my sins, so I could enter heaven and be with you forever.

I love you Lord God. 

I believe that you are listening to me right now.  

I give you full authority over my life from now on.  

I ask you to fill me up with your Holy Spirit and let Him direct my life.

Today, Lord, I ask you to make me a new creation in Christ.

I acknowledge you before men, as my Saviour and my Lord.  

I thank you Lord Jesus for wiping away All my sins, and for Saving me by your amazing grace.    


If you have said this prayer with deep honesty from your heart and really meant it, believing, and also have repented (which means you have asked God to forgive you of your sins that you have done in your life), then you are a child of God and there is huge rejoicing happening in heaven right now, because you have come before God and asked him to forgive you and are now a member of the Body of Christ.  

Well done and Welcome into the body of Christ 🙂

Jesus loves you 🙂 

Remember Run after only God now and read his Word.  He will never let you down.


The next step you want to take is to get yourself water baptised.  That means being fully immersed into water, that is the correct way, and being baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit (God head).

You also will want to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit – mostly, but not always, this is done by another believer laying hands on you to receive this baptism – the evidence of baptism of the Holy Spirit  is praying in different languages and prophesying.