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Hebraic Roots Bible by Don Esposito 

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“I have been a true covenant believer in Yahshua Messiah for over 32 years and also have been a Pastor and teacher of the word for more than 20 years.  I will also publicly state that I am firmly convinced that it was the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and not the intellectual knowledge of myself that has put this Hebraic Roots Bible together. I have fervently prayed and asked our Heavenly

Father for guidance throughout the five years that I have been working on this

project.   I can also tell you that many times while doing this work I felt the spirit of YAHWEH directing and guiding me to the finished work of this translation.  This work is to the glory of YAHWEH for the end time remnant to have the closest manuscript possible to the original scriptures that were inspired for the Congregations of YAHWEH.”






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