Don’t know how or what to pray anymore?

Just say simply – Lord HELP ME! Jesus Help Me.

Your angels will move to your words.

Loose something? – prayer

I call back (name the item) now in Jesus’ name.

(remember God is outside of time)

Mending a Relationship Prayer – couples & family

Father, in Jesus’ name –

Lord God I ask you to give us peace as a couple.  I ask you to rekindle our love for each other so that we can remain as one.  Lord, I ask you to War on our behalf.  Do not let the enemy come between us.  Bind us with your cords of love that cannot be broken.

Lord, you say in your Word that two are better than one, and I believe this is true.  Help us to understand each other’s needs and give us wisdom so that we can rebuild this relationship.

I boldly come before your throne room of grace today, and if I have found favour with the King, Lord I am asking you to heal our relationship. Lord, heal our hearts and our minds. Help us to see ourselves as being on the same side, and not against each other. Wash away any bitterness that is in our hearts with the blood of Jesus. Restore our relationship and make us fall deeply in love with each other once again.

Lord, help us to stop doing things our way, and start doing things your way.  Show us how to do your will, guide and direct our thoughts and our actions.  Give us your abundant grace.  Lord give us victory as we put our relationship into your hands.  We trust in you Lord Jesus.

Lord give us harmony in our relationship, remove any feelings of resentment and bitterness and give us peace and joy in our relationship.  Let there be peace and understanding when we communicate with each other.  Let your holy spirit take control of our relationship.  May we do things that please you Lord God, as a couple.

You know us both inside and out, Lord. We are your children.  You know our wounds and pains and how to mend our broken hearts. Help us both to understand each other better and remove any preconceived ideas we have about each other from our hearts. Help us to see each other the way that you see us. Bring us closer together as a couple than we ever were before.

Lord you brought us together, so I believe it is your will to keep us together.  Teach us how to love one another in the right way. If there are things we are doing Lord to hurt each other, knowingly or unknowingly reveal them to us Lord and show us how to change them. Help us to make wise decisions that will strengthen our relationship and bring glory to your holy name.

Help us to show love to each other, instead of hatred and anger. Let this relationship be guided by your love and not by our own selfish interests. May our hearts be filled with your overflowing love. Help us to overflow with your love, and spread love to others wherever we go. Help us to walk in your love as a couple. Give us the grace to be kind to one another even when we do not agree.

Lord help us to forgive one another the way you have forgiven us. Lord, remove any pride and arrogance from our hearts and help us to walk with humility as a couple. Teach us how to be kind towards each other, especially when we are disappointed by what the other has done. Help us to truly understand each other, Lord. Soften our hearts that we may be quick to forgive and not hold grudges against each other. Give us the patience to stay calm and be slow to anger.

Transform our relationship Lord, so that it lines up with your plans and your Word. Show us areas we need to grow in as both individuals and as a couple. Grant us the grace to do what you tell us to do. Fill us with the courage to be the Ambassadors of your kingdom and represent the kingdom of God well and glorify your holy name.


Short on time – Prayer

Father in Jesus’ name,

I ask you to bend time for me today so that I get everything done you want me to get done today.


Praying for others salvation –  Prayer

Father, in Jesus’ name –

Lord, draw them into your presence.  Heal their hearts and their wounds.  I ask that the spirit of repentance is granted and comes over them. Send labourers into their midst to minister to them and share the gospel with them. Do not let them die without becoming born again.



 Jesus taught the disciples – Prayer

Our Father, Who art in heaven, holy is Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


Wanting the best for someone  – Prayer

Father, in Jesus’ name –

Lord release an open heaven over them.  Give them their heart’s desires.  Heal all their wounds and transform them into your likeness.  Let them walk in their book of life that you have created for them in heaven.  Rebuke the devourer for them. Cover them in the precious blood of Jesus and let your angels guard them. Bless them, protect them and guide them all the days of their life Lord Jesus.


Covering your business/ministry/organization – Prayer

Father in Jesus’ name –

I dedicate this business to you and according to your will.

I ask that the blood of Jesus be put on the doorposts of this business and all its operations and staff and that no weapon formed against it will prosper and every tongue rising against it will be condemned.

Lord Jesus I ask that this business glorifies you and your holy name.  I ask for divine guidance and supernatural wisdom on how to operate this business using your ways and for your glory. I ask that the right people are brought to work here and that you are always glorified through them.  I ask you Lord to prosper this business for your glory.  Help it to always align with your heavenly perfect plans. Let the love of God flow through this business along with the spirit of truth.  I ask you to bless this business in Jesus’ name and scramble the devil’s frequency on it.

Dedication of a child to the Lord – Prayer

Father, in Jesus’ name

Lord we thank you for this precious child who you have created in your image and given to us. The fruit of the womb is a great blessing and we thank you for this child.  As parents we come before your throne of grace and together agree that we will dedicate this child to you and to your kingdom, for your glory and for your purposes.  Let this child glorify and magnify you and do your will.  Protect this child with your mighty angels. Help this child never stray from you Lord, keep them on the narrow path.   We ask you to cover this child in your most precious holy blood. Lord we ask that your shalom peace and love surrounds this child all the days of their life.  We pray that this child will wholeheartedly seek you and find you and follow you by doing your will. We ask you to bless this child always, and keep them in your loving arms. We ask that you do not let this child die, until they have become a born-again believer in Jesus and a new creation in Christ.


Marriage Prayer

Father, in Jesus’ name

May this couple be binded together in your love and be filled with your deep love for each other. May they always trust each other and may their love endure any difficulties of life.

We pray that nothing would separate them.  Protect their relationship from the attacks of the devil. We ask that, when they experience conflict, they would be quick to forgive in the same way that they have been forgiven by you. Help them to deal with conflict in a way that makes their relationship stronger. Help them to trust in you in the midst of any conflict. Give them the strength to trust you during the joyful times and during the difficult times.

We pray and ask that this couple would enjoy the gift of physical intimacy that you have blessed them with and any children that come from this marriage.  We pray for the gift of children to be given unto them and that your love overflows to their children from them.

We ask you Lord to bless their finances and prosper them, giving them wisdom and discernment being led by you in this and in all decisions in life.

Lord may they be quick to forgive each other and may they be patient and kind with each other and not envious of each other.  Let them have hope and not keep a record of wrong-doings against each other, in the same way as you forgive us, that they will be able to forgive each other.

Lord may they protect each other all the days of their lives.

Lord you have joined them as one flesh, two have become one, may they support and encourage each other, help them to love each other the way you have loved them. Fill them will your love, joy, peace and hope.

Holy Spirit we ask you to hover over this couple and this marriage.

Help this couple to communicate well.  Give them grace to listen to each other carefully and to speak in love with each other. Remove any bitterness or resentment from their mouths – put holy coal on their lips.

Help them to encourage each other in their faith. May they worship you together and read your Word together and pray together.  Help them to live in harmony with each other, that together they may, glorify you.

Abundantly bless this couple Lord

and let the shalom peace of God cover their marriage and their lives, we ask this Father, in Jesus precious name.