The Vision by Ciara Sherlock

Yeshua Square connects up and unites born again Believers around the world.
It is a space where the truth of the gospel of our Lord Jesus is shared and taught in all formats.
Where Believers learn and advance in the teachings and ways of Christ.
Where non-believers come to to be saved.
It is respected as a trusted source for information on the truth about Jesus Christ, the Bible, being born-again and how to live a holy Christian life.

Some core values for us include:

  • To trust the Holy Spirit to guide us with every area of the website.
  • To give sound teaching on how to live the Christian life.
  • To empower and teach the body of Christ to be all that they can be on this earth.
  • To provide a space where Believers can interact with each other and be fed and grow.
  • To update Believers on news of what’s happening in the Christian world.
  • To provide pure entertainment that Believers can enjoy.
  • To give to the poor and to the needy.
  • To house the homeless.
  • To operate the website as a debt free entity.
  • To have a strong intercessory prayer team as part of the website.
  • To give back financially to support our members.
  • To support and connect individual warriors for the Lord and apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, preachers, missionaries.
  • To support and connect up born-again, spirit-filled pentecostal churches, houses of prayer, healing rooms, house churches and other Christian organisations and businesses.
  • To support Israel, the Jewish people and encourage celebration of key Jewish feasts.
  • To rebrand Christianity as ‘cool.’
  • To support the arts and get the message of the gospel displayed throughout the world.
  • To highlight key political issues that Believers need to be aware of and active in.
  • To support organisations that fight for justice, especially the protection of the unborn child.

A bit about the background

Yeshua Square is to be like a virtual square for the Lord, in the same way as the physical Times Square in New York is or St. Mark’s Square in Venice is. Yeshua Square will have everything a Christian wants and seeks to further their relationship with the Lord in one place.
The Lord has put particular emphasis on the land areas of America, China, Europe, India and Russia for our website, but our mission point is Israel.
The word I received from the Lord about Yeshua Square was: Isaiah 58: 6-14 (KJV)


We are all being used individually by God to complete His plan. But, when we come together collectively, God’s plan is accelerated greatly. If you like our vision and are led by the Lord to invest in Yeshua Square to help accelerate and complete the vision, please click here to donate. Each donation means a lot to us. It is God’s seed and will be used for the operations of the website. Much love and always remember…Jesus loves You. You can also mail us anytime on